The GIMP plug-ins
( The GNU Image Manipulation Program plug_ins )
author: Dragan Knezevic

1) Introduction

This package contains two separate plug-ins. These plug-ins are packed into single file that can be downloaded here.
    1) The first plug-in is based on Adaptive Center-Weighted Median Filter. It's primary use is in impulse noise removal. Basis for this plug-in is recent work on Impulse noise detection by Tao Chen and Hong Ren Wu. This filter has superior results in comparison with other filters of the same purpose witch had been presented in past. It's major advantage is fact that it only filters possibly corrupted pixels, and therefore it's output image is much more similar to original (uncorrupted) image.

    The effects are shown bellow:

Original LENA image
Damaged image
Output image
Original LENA image
Damaged image
Output image

2) The second plug-in is an Edge Detection plug-in. The major advantage of this plug-in is that this filter is very insensitive to impulse noise.
    Example of work:

Original LENA image
Output image
Original LENA image
Output image

    Source code: tomaja_plugins_1.0.1.tar.gz            - contains both plug-ins

    Dependencies: These plug-ins are dependent on GIMP library and GTK+ library (libgimp, libgtk).
        1) Unpack downloaded file tomaja-plugins-1.0.1.tar.gz
        2) Start console as root, switch to directory that contains unpacked files (tomaja_plugins_1.0.1)
        3) Type:
             ./configure <enter>
             make <enter>
             make install <enter>

    After these steps you should find new group of filters named "tomaja" containing two described filters (filters->tomaja).

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